20th January

International Sneeze Day

International Sneeze Day is back! So pull all your sneeze friends together and celebrate. Not sure how to celebrate? Read the suggestion list below.

Things to do on International Sneeze Day

  • Make a Sneeze wheel (see instructions below)
  • Throw a Sneeze theme party and use your Sneeze wheel to choose the music
  • Play pin the hair on Tom
  • Eat purple and yellow food, eg popcorn, cupcakes with purple and yellow icing
  • Phone up other people that know about Sneeze (especially do this if you are the only one you know celebrating International Sneeze Day)
  • Wear your Sneeze shirt
  • Make up alternative lyrics to Sneeze songs and send them to us: carolyn_os@yahoo.com eg 'on the surface it looked vegetarian but underneath it was fish' (sung to the tune of Satan)
  • Have a Sneeze quiz. As a start, use these sneeze questions, then make up your own and send them to us: carolyn_os@yahoo.com
  • Watch all the Sneeze music videos you have. If you don't have any, try making your own.
  • Grow a moustache, or if incapable of growing a moustache, fake it.

How to make a Sneeze wheel

You will need:
  • A closed purple box
  • A purple tube
  • A big yellow circle
  • A yellow arrow
  • Red and green felt tip pens
  • Brass fasteners
  • Scissors
  • A list of your favourite sneeze songs
Click to see close up

How to do it:

  1. Cut a hole in the top of the purple box, big enough to for the purple tube. Be careful not to make it too wide.
  2. Place the purple tube in the hole so that the tube stands up.
  3. Mark out 1 and a half centimetre segments around the edge of the big yellow circle. Now place a brass fastener in each of these spots.
  4. With your red and green felt tip pens, write your list of favourite sneeze songs around the wheel, having one song between each brass fastener. Be sure to include 'Make up a new song' and 'Free spin'.
  5. Attach the big yellow circle to the purple tube by placing a brass fastener in the centre of the big yellow circle. Make sure you leave a small amount of room at the top of the purple tube for the yellow arrow. You may need to place a stopper at the back of the brass fastener so that the wheel doesn't fly off and kill you when you spin it.
  6. Attach the yellow arrow to the top of the big yellow wheel so that the tip of the arrow just pokes down between the brass fasteners around the edge of the wheel.
  7. Spin the wheel!!

If you have any other suggestions or want to tell us how you'll be spending the day, email carolyn_os@yahoo.com


Many thanks to Karen for the suggestion of this page, most of the pics, the Sneeze wheel receipe and for Sneeze Day last year.