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  1. Who are the members of Sneeze?

    a) Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton, Simon Gibson
    b) Alison Galloway, Lara 'Stix' Larson, Tom Morgan
    c) Tom Morgan, Lara 'Stix' Larson, Nic Dalton
    d) Nic Dalton, Tom Morgan, John E

  2. What is the name of Sneeze's first album?

    a) The Four Seezons
    b) Sneeze
    c) Doctor of Love
    d) Svyker Du

  3. According to the song 'Shaky Ground', who does Jim take for a walk when he wants to see Jemimah?

    a) Fluffy, his cat
    b) Robert, his chicken
    c) Jersey, his dog

  4. "I'll have five of these, some strawberry creams, milk bottles of tea..." What's the next line of this song?

    a) what would happen if i ate them all whole
    b) in a little white bag, just dive right in save the gumball till last
    c) they're all my favourites, which should i eat first
    d) trick question, that's the last line of the song!

  5. Which of the following names has Sneeze never played under?

    a) Sneeze-lite
    b) Strawbreeze
    c) Smudgestar
    d) Smudgesneezestar

  6. Lara 'Stix' Larson's real name is:

    a) Lara Meyerratken
    b) Lara Larson
    c) Mandy Wilkenstein
    d) Lara Tskauster


  7. What is the planned first single to be taken off Sneeze's new record?

    a) I Got A Type
    b) Pedal
    c) Svyker Du
    d) Doctor Of Love

  8. The b-side to 'The Four Seezons' contained a recording of Nic and Tom performing Sneeze songs on the radio. What radio station was it?

    a) FBi
    b) Triple J
    c) 2SER
    d) Triple M

  9. How many bonus tracks are there on the re-released version of Sneeze's first album?

    a) 18
    b) 19
    c) 20
    d) 21

  10. What is the order that the four seasons are played in on 'The Four Seezons'?

    a) Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
    b) Spring, Winter, Autumn, Summer
    c) Summer, Autumn, Spring, Winter
    d) Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

    Who Am I??
  11. Who is the person pictured on the right?

    a) Nic Dalton
    b) Tom Morgan
    c) Lara 'Stix' Larson

  12. The credit for 'Shaky Ground' was given to the wrong person. Was was it given to by mistake?

    a) Tom Morgan
    b) Nic Dalton
    c) Evan Dando
    d) Simon Day

  13. Where were the majority of songs for Sneeze's first album written?

    a) at Nic and Tom's house in Newtown
    b) on the road while Godstar were touring
    c) over the counter of the Half A Cow Book Store in Glebe
    d) in the Half A Cow Studios during the recording of Godstar's 'Sleeper'

  14. Which Sneeze song has been covered by Godstar?

    a) Autumnal Eyes
    b) There He Is
    c) Dad's Trailer
    d) Monday Night At Mars With Zero People

  15. "I got a type, she's got to be..."

    a) tall, blonde haired and from America
    b) smoking a joint and drinking a beer
    c) short, dark haired and a little woggy.
    d) young enough to hear my song

  16. Where was Wu-Li written?

    a) over the counter of the HAC store
    b) Nic's place in Cowra
    c) at a Half Miler sound check
    d) 1998 US tour

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Photo of Sneeze taken by Carolyn Farley, Lansdowne Hotel. Copyright April 8th 1999.