Sneeze Tour Diary
October 16 to October 19, 2001

By Adam Gibson

Friday, October 19, Morning, North Fitzroy
We have to get moving early as we have the drive back to Sydney ahead of us. The arrangement is that Simon and I will meet Nic and Tom back at the Corner Hotel. Aisahn would drive them there and together we would head off north towards our city of Sydney. All goes smoothly and by 9am Nic is behind the wheel and we were on our way home

After falling into a wonderful sleep in the backseat I wake as we pull in for breakfast at Euroa. A wind is blowing I reckon from Mawson's Hut in Antarctica ... though sunny it was real brass monkey weather. We eat like people who are very hungry, which of course is what we are.


And after that, to wind this frigging diary up, we got back on the road and spent the day driving driving driving. At the symbolic Yass service station, we let Mr Dalton out so he could wait for Lucy to pick him up and transport him back to the rural estate.

So then it is just Simon, Tom and me and, listening to a best of Smudge tape, we scoot towards the glowing hub of Sydney, full of neon lights and speeding cars and road rage incidents.

We drove past the Vic On The Park hotel at one point. It's crowded with punters all watching a band. But we aren't going in.

We've had just enough Rock for one week, thanks very much. Thanks very much.



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All words and photos by Adam Gibson, 16-19 October 2001. Please ask before reusing.