So we can't use tapes forever
what would happen if they all ran out
would we have the confidence to strum unaccompanied
who would we follow and should we take the lead
then again it seems so simple, I just love playing along
clutching at straws, barely playing at all
this band is called Strawbreeze, it's just me and Tom

Sneeze Members

                Name: Sneeze
       Date of Birth: 1990
      Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
             Members: Nic Dalton, Tom Morgan, Simon Gibson
               Style: Indie pop
 Original Philosophy: If ya can't do it in 2 minutes, it ain't worth doin'
            Ambition: Not to stay Sydney's best kept secret forever


Strawbreeze lyrics copyright Sneeze, 1993.
Photo of Sneeze taken by Carolyn Farley, Lansdowne Hotel Sydney, 22-6-00. Please credit if using elsewhere.