The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney

Thursday 22nd June, 2000

By Evette Buono

Who could ask for a better Thursday night than a Sneeze gig at the Lansdowne? The Bernie Hayes Quartet are an extra treat, and many sydpunters must agree with me, judging by the size of the crowd and the buzz in the air.

Opening with the relaxed Ain't No Love On The Road, Sneeze appear to be in fine form. Then it's on to a couple of old favourites Ying And Yang Telephone and Doomed To Visit Disneyland. Sneeze then rock out to Loud And True (B side on the Doctor of Love single) but unfortunately usual guest vocalist Justin Credible does not grace the stage tonight, maybe that's why they chose an ...alternative (to put it kindly) ending to the song. But it's these little improvised sections that make Sneeze a pleasure to watch and put a smile on your face.

Tom then croons Too Much Man before changing the pace for Don't Go (Girlie). Then it's time for relatively newish song Deaf Girl Dumb Guy Blind Love (just how many Ratcat cross-references are there out there??!?). Then to the tripped out psychedelia that is Skiing. Yep, it's pretty weird alright. Time for one of my favourites, Casual Cashew Daddy, and let's all hope that that new Sneeze album gets finished quick smart so we can take these gems home with us!

The lovely resident drummer gets the scoot signal, and Nic takes over percussion playing the bongos during I'm Upset Enough. Then it's on to the triple sleaze-rock segment, with Tittie Bar, Got A Type, and B.U. .... those cheeky lyrics causing more than a few irrepressible grins around the room. I didn't catch the title of the next song, but in true Sneeze style, it was short, snappy and incredibly catchy!

We've been told "Don't Go Now" in the past, "Don't Go Girlie" earlier tonight, but now Tom begs "Don't Go Distant". A change of pace for the swinging Not The Only One. Midlife crisis' abound on 28/33 (not sure of it's true title!), and then switches to gender on I Wanna Be A Woman. Then it's time to sit back, take a long drag on your cigarette and absorb the bluesy mood of Doctor of Love; this is Sneeze at their most seductive!

Nic then adopts his equivalent of Bono's Mephisto persona and unleashes the beast within during When Honeys Snaps ( hard core!) closely followed by Svyker Du. All that angst; it's enough to melt metal and send any biker gangs running home scared! "You call that a bike? It's a sewing machine! You call that a tattoo? It's a texta that you can't rub off!!!" Classic stuff.

Sneeze take out the show with those golden oldies Trouble In School and Ripped Jeans, much to the pleasure and satisfaction of both the dedicated Sneeze fans present and Bernie Hayes fans who were smart enough to come early.

Ain't No Love (On The Road)
Ying and Yang Telephone
Doomed To Visit Disneyland
Loud And True
Too Much Man
Don't Go (Girlie)
Deaf Girl Dumb Guy Blind Love
Going Skiing
Casual Cashew Daddy
I'm Upset Enough
Tittie Bar
I Got A Type
(short snappy one)
Don't Go Distant
Not The Only One
I Wanna Be A Woman
Doctor Of Love
When Honey Snaps
Svyker Du
Trouble In School
Ripped Jeans

Tom and Simon

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