MacQuarie Uni, Sydney

Monday 15th May, 2000

It seems that Sneeze are destined to remain Sydney's best kept secret, at least for now, considering the amount of students that showed up for Sneeze's lunchtime performance.

The small sized crowd didn't put the band off however, as they played for the gathered few a handful of their best work to date, including Deaf Girl Dumb Guy Blind Love, Shaky Ground, Loud and True and their latest single Doctor of Love. A crowd favourite was a song titled BU (Boston University) but changed for the occasion to MU, about mature age students enrolling to "sit in the back of the class and check out some ass".

The Up Yourself Pills (a running joke at Sneeze gigs) must have been in full force today, and the Sneeze members didn't hold back with their between song banter despite the quiet (but not unreceptive) crowd. Even Tom Morgan seemed to approach the mic more than usual.

Unfortunately the band ran out of time to play live favourite Svyker Du, but their final songs Trouble In School (uni) and Ripped Jeans left a strong lasting impression.

I think what will remain in the Macquarie Uni students' mind will be Sneeze's apparent fixation with the desire to be a woman, accented by songs like I wanna Be a Woman and their constant, if not charming, falsetto singing. Will we be getting a possible "Nicola Dalton" before they release their new album? A question for the ages.