Sneeze covered in the Central West twice in two weeks!

11th March 2002

Last friday night I was mixing Karma County at the Townhouse Hotel Motel in downtown Cowra (yep, the things you do) and during their second set they announced they were going to play Doctor Of Love and asked me to get up and sing. Being my modest self I declined but Mitch, the PA guy said go on sport, get up there! So I said I'd do the back ups and sat on the front of the stage while the band launched into a funky/cajun/cabaret version of the Sneeze tune with lead vocals courtesy of keyboardist Cameron Bruce. Suddenly, three drunk guys up the back who had been downing jugs of 'mudslide for $10' were dancing and (wish I could do italics here) singing along!

I realised they must've known the song from less than two weeks earlier when "Sniff - The Central West Sneeze Show" had performed the song at Woolstock 2002. I recognised one of the guys as he had got up and played a few songs with his mates at Woolstock. "Sniff - The Central West Sneeze Show" contained Simon, Bon and Geoff from El Mopa, Gynia from Half Miler, Simon from Sneeze/Half Miler and myself. We're playing the song and suddenly out of nowhere we hear this beautiful voice. It was Geoff Towner - who had won the crowd over with his amazing backing vocals. We also played The Loco-Motion and I guested as bass-player for Half Miler on 4 songs. Darren Hanlon played too. See, it all happens in Cowra.

Back to keyboardist Cameron. He also sang a great version of B.U at soundcheck. And finished the night off with a sing-a-long of Islands In The Stream, just him and Stuart on the drums, having the Cowra audience all singing and clapping along. Time to admit the truth that Cameron plays the hammond B3 on (Don't Go) Distant and up-coming single Maybe Moving In Together Wasn't Such A Good Idea (had to get the plug in there somewhere). We'll be trying to persuade Cameron to come along and play at future Sneeze shows.

Karma County were great too. Having only seem them once before, I was mighty impressed with Brendan and the boys. Even gave Stuart his jacket back that one of the Foots gave me last year in Melbourne after he'd left it in a kick drum 'yeh, I'll give it to him!' I said. 9 months later it's still loitering in the Hac office. Not anymore!