Europe/UK Tour September, 2002

hi there
I had the privelidge of being at a small live gig a while ago in Gourock, Scotland one of your bands was there "SNEEZE". I went there with my fiance, who was the doorman ( the bouncer) at the time I didnt know that I was going to be anywhere special. I went in and sat down my fiance got on with his work while a group of people sat at my table I didnt find out till halfway thru the night that the ones sitting at my table were infact "SNEEZE" and a few of your guys needless to say it was a tremendous night. I ended up modeling their merchandise (a t shirt) and I got to chat with most of the band members.

They are a great group and that night will be one of the major highlights of my life. If you could pass on a message to the guys from me, that would be great. tell them - great show and good luck in the future!!!!!!

thanks for taking your time to read this yours, a "Sneeze" fan
LIL from the Gourock gig