Purple Album

Beat, 1993

Purple Album

Single of the Week x 20!

The ultimate release for the short attention span generation, Sneeze is a 'double album' on two seven inch singles. Working with the premise that what you can't do in two minutes (or less) really isn't worth doing, Sneeze is not just an attitude, it's a way of life. These short & curlies were the inspiration for the brevity that made the Lemonheads It's A Shame About Ray so cool. Yep, the Sneeze project has been a long time in the execution, but its generally been worth the wait. Sneeze is basically Tom Morgan of Smudge (& co-author of most of the best Lemonheads songs) & Nic Dalton of the Lemonheads/Godstar/Half A Cow fame. There's also plenty of indie royalty as guests. Some of it you may have heard. Evan Dando has covered Shaky Ground, which is pretty silly as its a duet between Tom Morgan & Alannah Hummingbird. Actually Jimmy Barnes could cover it & it would probably survive. It's Sneeze's finest moment. There's ample amounts of low-fi spread throughout the four sides, from the buzzy & fuzzy Back Down to the pure veined pop of 2 Kates. Simon Day creates his own little thunderstorm on Pedal, Simon & Robyn (ex-Hummingbirds) provide the cute Baby Asleep, for their child Milo no doubt. One time Lemonhead Jesse Peretz joins old bandmates Evan Dando & David Ryan for two songs, Trouble In School & Autumnal Eyes. This was originally meant to be a CD single, with a bonus 25 tracks. But with a final track called Goodbye Vinyl you know where their loyalties lie. Even so, it's a shimmering example to the beauty of not milking a tune. It's the antithesis of Meat Loaf. And not just because it's really good. If a song doesn't grab your attention in the first minute then it's never going to. Consequently if you don't like a song it's not going to hang around & grind you. Sneeze is the least painless double album ever.



Sneeze album cover, copyright Sneeze.