Doctor of Love Single

my humble opinion by Meeshell

Doctor of Love

Sounding like a seedy Frank Sinatra on acid, Doctor of Love is a sample of Sneeze's incredibly diverse and creative sound. For a band that manages to incorporate a complex arrangement of guitar, drums, bass, casios, bongo drums, moraccas and the lyrical talents of Smudge's Tom Morgan and the Half A Cow (and many a band himself) man Nic Dalton, there comes an incredibly simple finishing product - but that ain't a bad thing.

For all its simplicity however, there is a kind of wisdom (in the words of Ratcat's Simon Day) that makes this single, and this band so loveable and charming. You'll grin when you hear Doctor Of Love and I'm willing to bet that within days of hearing Loud and True you'll be running around singing about the first time you ever heard Johnny and Deedee too. The bsides are a blend of grit and pop. Look out for that live version of When Honey Snaps especially.

A good sense of humour and a healthy dose of creaming soda and microwave popcorn can make this disc most enjoyable. If this is anything to go by, the impending album should be a corker.



Doctor of Love album cover, copyright Sneeze 1999.