Nic Real Name: Nic Dalton
Nick Name: The Daltz
Stage Name: TDK (The Daltz Knows)
Date of Birth: 14th November, 1964
Comes From: Canberra
Job in Band: vocals, bass guitar, guitar, keyboard, harmonica, percussion, art work
Other Occupations: owns and runs Half A Cow record label, has been spotted DJ-ing at the Palladium in Kings Cross
Other Bands/Projects: Ratcat, Erbs n Pisces
Previous Bands: The Plunderers, Hippy Dribble, Captain Denim, Love Positions, Godstar, The Lemonheads, The Ulimate Vanilla, Girls With Money, The Kombi Nation, Love and Death
Favourite Sneeze Song: Svyker Du
Real Name: Tom Morgan
Nick Name: The Morgz or Marty
Stage Name: Tom Morgan Jr
Date of Birth: 3rd March, 1970
Comes From: Maitland
Job in Band: vocals, guitar
Other Occupations: -
Other Bands/Projects: Smudge, Tofu Kok, Erbs n Pisces
Previous Bands: Godstar
Favourite Sneeze Song: Svyker Du
Simon Real Name: Simon Gibson
Nick Name: GIBBO (obvious and boring i know, but it's not my fault)
Stage Name: Can you play a bit softer?
Date of Birth: younger than Nic, older than Tom (21/01/67, actually)
Comes From: Sydney
Job in Band: drums, backing vocals
Other Occupations: work in a 2nd hand record shop called Enthusiasms
Other Bands/Projects: Half Miler, Sweet Thing
Previous Bands: Disneyfist, Scratchergirl, Fragile (recording only)
Favourite Sneeze Song: old- Shaky Ground, new- the 'Onely One



Picture of Nic Dalton taken by Evette Buono at the Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney, Australia, 1999.
Picture of Tom Morgan taken by Dianne Harper at the Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney, Australia, 1999.
Picture of Simon Gibson taken by Semone Maksimovic at the Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, Australia, 23rd June 2001.