Example of Competition

This is an example of the sort of thing expected in the Doctor of Love story competition, only using Godstar instead of Sneeze. Of course your story will be much better than mine :)

It was the middle of the night when i did the thing that i probably shouldn't have. There was sleep in my eyes and they stung. I should have been alseep but my ears rung. All i could think of was what he had done. Just because i never went and saw him, i just didn't want to wreck what i'd made him out to be, i didn't want second best. We could have been the best of friends, but no. I thought back to when i had had the time of my life, when my eyes fell into his. I used to be trilled by being in the same post code as him, it all started in the kitchen. But then i thought about the time he was running around and told me he was out of town selling add space for a music magazine. He had been a friend of a friend you see, and i hardly knew him. So i stabbed him with a butterfly knife and that was the end of him.